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56 executives have signed the WBCSD call to action on human rights. In our video series we ask the executives leading the call to tell us why this matters to them and to their companies.


Call to Action for Business Leadership on Human Rights

Join us in mobilizing business leadership for human rights

Companies affect human rights every day in their interactions with employees, suppliers, consumers, partners and communities.

Business has a well-established responsibility to respect human rights, laid out in international principles, standards and laws. The actions required of companies are clear, and implementing these standards significantly reduces the risk of negative impacts on people through business operations. However, business respect for human rights is more than a requirement to “do no harm”.

By proactively addressing human rights, companies have the potential to break down significant barriers to development and positively impact the lives of millions of the world’s most vulnerable people. Human rights need to be an integral part of any company’s sustainability agenda and the public expects CEOs to personally show leadership on issues of purpose and impact.

Pioneering business leaders are taking up the call. Forward thinking CEOs are sending clear messages to raise the bar for human rights performance, embed human rights in corporate culture, set clear expectations of suppliers and business partners, and drive innovative collaborations with peers, government and civil society.

Their companies stand to enhance their business performance by reducing legal and regulatory risk, strengthening reputation, protecting their license to operate, acquiring and retaining talent, winning customers and earning their trust and loyalty. As a result, investors increasingly care, affecting companies’ valuation and cost of capital.

Most importantly, these leaders drive their companies to go beyond risk and compliance and bring transformative, positive change to the lives of people who are affected by business operations.

By contributing to the realization of universal human rights for all, a company makes a pivotal contribution to the broader vision of peaceful and inclusive societies embraced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is a call to action to our peers. We invite you to join us in mobilizing business leadership for human rights.

Signatories of WBCSD’s call to action

Sunny Verghese

Chair of WBCSD, Co-Founder and Group CEO, Olam

Peter Bakker

President & CEO, WBCSD

Björn Rosengren


José Manuel Entrecanales

Chairman & CEO, Acciona

Peter Oosterveer

CEO, Arcadis

Alfred Stern

CEO, Borealis AG

Bernard Looney


Vasco de Mello

Chairman & CEO, Brisa

Philip Jansen


Suphachai Cheravanont

CEO, C.P. Group

David MacLennan

Chairman & CEO, Cargill

Fernando A. González Olivieri


Richard Lancaster

Chief Executive Officer, CLP Holdings Limited

Dominic Blakemore

Chief Executive Officer, Compass Group

Jean-Bernard Lévy

Chairman & CEO, EDF

Miguel Stilwell de Andrade

Interim CEO and CFO, EDP

Claudio Descalzi


Keryn James


Eldar Sætre

President & CEO, Equinor

Gilbert Ghostine

CEO, Firmenich

Masami Yamamoto

Director Chairman, Fujitsu

Gilles Andrier

Chief Executive Officer, Givaudan

Nadir Godrej

Managing Director, Godrej Industries

Brian Griffith

Chairman of the Board, Griffith Foods

Jorge Mario Velásquez

CEO, Grupo Argos

Toshiaki Higashihara

President & CEO, Hitachi Ltd.

Sanjiv Puri

Chairman & Managing Director, ITC Ltd.

Steven Cahillane

Chairman & CEO, Kellogg’s

Jan Jenisch

CEO, LafargeHolcim

Michael Gelchie

CEO, Louis Dreyfus Company

Andreas Eggenberg

Chairman, Masisa

Florent Menegaux

CEO, Michelin

Brad Smith

President, Microsoft Corporation

Andrea Àlvares

Chief Marketing, Innovation & Sustainability Officer, Natura

Peter Vanacker

President and CEO, Neste Corporation

Magdi Batato

Executive Vice President & Head of Operations, Nestlé

Shingo Konomoto

Chairman, President and CEO, Nomura Research Institute

Vas Narasimhan

Chief Executive Officer, Novartis

Ramon Laguarta

Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo

Gaurav Dhawan

Executive Chairman, Phoenix

Marco Tronchetti Provera

Executive Cive Chairman and CEO, Pirelli

Auttapol Rerkpiboon

President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT

Kongkrapan Intarajang

CEO, PTT Global Chemical

Jacques van den Broek

CEO, Randstad

Roongrote Rangsiyopash

President & CEO, SCG

Alistair Field

Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Sims Limited

Ilham Kadri

CEO, Solvay

Masaya Futamiya

Director-Chairman, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

Claudia Azevedo

CEO, Sonae

Annica Bresky

President and CEO, Stora Enso

Bertrand Camus

CEO, Suez

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram

CEO, Symrise

João Castello Branco

CEO, The Navigator Company

Patrick Pouyanné

CEO, Total

Alan Jope

CEO, Unilever

Eduardo Bartolomeo

CEO, Vale

Antoine Frérot

CEO, Veolia

Marcelo S. Castelli

Global CEO, Votorantim Cimentos


WBCSD member companies


headquarter countries

4.3 million

direct employees

Signatories of French call to action

Laurent Lhopitallier

Chairman, edh

Jean-Bernard Lévy


Benoît Coquart

CEO, Legrand

Florent Menegaux

CEO, Michelin

Stéphane Richard

CEO, Orange

Serge Weinberg

Chairman, Sanofi

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

CEO, Schneider Electric

Jean-Marc Chery

CEO, STMicroelectronics

Bertrand Camus

CEO, Suez

Antoine Frérot

CEO, Veolia

Xavier Huillard

CEO, Vinci

Signatories of Italian call to action

Marisa Parmigiani

President, CSR Manager Network

Fulvio Rossi

Past President, CSR Manager Network

Stefania Lallai

Director WBCSD partnership, CSR Manager Network

Renato Mazzoncini

CEO and Managing Director, A2A

Giuseppe Gola

CEO, Acea

Umberto Tosoni


Ugo Giorcelli

General Director, Benetton Group

Chiara Nasi

Chairman & CEO, CIRFOOD

Neil Palomba

President, Costa Crociere

Lucio Igino Zanon di Valgiurata

Chairman, Credem

Péter Ilyés

CEO, E.ON Italy

Roberta Neri


Claudio Descalzi

CEO, Eni

Giuseppe Pasini

President, Feralpi Group

Giovanni Battista Valsecchi

General Manager, Generale Conserve

Stefano Venier

CEO, Hera

Massimiliano Bianco

CEO, Iren

Domenico Fumagalli

Senior Partner, KPMG Italy

Domenico Battagliola

CEO, La Linea Verde

Marco Tronchetti Provera

Executive Cive Chairman and CEO, Pirelli

Matteo Del Fante

CEO, Poste Italiane

Stefano Cao

CEO, Saipem

Marco Alverà

CEO, Snam

Luigi Lazzareschi

CEO, Sofidel

Stefano Antonio Donnarumma

CEO, Terna

Signatories of Japanese call to action

Masaya Futamiya

Chair of Keidaren’s Committee on Responsible Business Conduct & SDGs Promotion
Director-Chairman, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

Kazuhiko Takeuchi


Signatories of Brazilian and Portuguese call to action

Marina Grossi

President, CEBDS

João Wengorovius Meneses

Secretary General, BCSD

João Nuno Mendes

CEO, Águas de Portugal

Otávio Carvalheira

President, Alcoa Brasil

Paulo Fernandes

Chairman, Altri

Wilfred Bruijn

CEO, Anglo American Brasil

Pedro Penalva

CEO, Aon Portugal

José Leitão

CEO, Apcer

Elizabeth Garcia

CEO, Approach

Sandra Santos


Francisco Neves

Managing Director, BSD Consulting Portugal

Paulo Moita de Macedo

Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO, Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Jorge Muñoz Cardoso

General Director, Carglass Portugal

João Bento

Executive Chairman and CEO, CTT

António Lagartixo

CEO, Deloitte Portugal

José Pedro Salema

Chairman, EDIA

Ângelo Ramalho

CEO, Efacec

Wilson Ferreira Junior

CEO, Eletrobras

Henrique Leite

General Manager, Eurest Portugal

Miguel Teixeira

CEO, Everis

Carlos Barros

General Manager, Fujitsu Portugal

Carlos Gomes da Silva

CEO, Galp

Pedro Soares dos Santos

Chairman and CEO, Jerónimo Martins

Salvador de Mello

Chairman and CEO, José de Mello Saúde

Aires Pereira

Chairman, Lipor

Vitor Domingues dos Santos

Chairman, Metropolitano de Lisboa

Miguel Maya

CEO, Millennium bcp

Gonçalo Moura Martins

CEO, Grupo Mota-Engil

Manuel Ramalho Eanes


Manuel Chinchilla

Managing Director, Philip Morris Brasil

Rodrigo Costa


Hernâni Dias

Chairman, Resíduos do Nordeste

Filipe Morais Vasconcelos

Managing Partner, S317 Consulting

Marcos Matias

Country President, Schneider Electric Brasil

Otmar Hübscher

CEO, Secil

André Clark Juliano

President and CEO, Siemens Brasil

António Isidoro

Chairman, Soja de Portugal

Luís Saldanha da Gama

CEO, Solvay Portugal

Rui Lopes Ferreira

CEO, Super Bock Group

Joana Borges Coutinho

Founder & Chairwoman, Sustain Azores

Jean-Urbain Hubau

General Manager of Edenred Fleet and Mobility Solutions, Ticket Log

Mafalda Henriques

Managing Partner, The Loyal Advisory Company

Jorge Mário Silva

CEO, Tintex

João Vieira de Almeida

Managing Partner, Vieira de Almeida & Associados

Signatories of Latin American and Spanish call to action

Miguel Àngel Gutiérrez

Chairman, CEADS (Argentina)

Matías Verdugo

Chairman, Acción Empresas (Chile)

Augusto Solano

Chairman, CECODES (Colombia)

Franco Pacheco

Chairman, AED (Costa Rica)

Jorge Baigorri Lopez

Chairman, CEMDES (Ecuador)

Raúl Grijalba

Chairman, Forética (Spain)

Federico Barquero

Chairman, CentraRSE

Bruce M. Burdett

Chairman, FundahRSE (Honduras)

Ariel Granera

Chairman, UniRSE (Nicaragua)

Stanley Motta

Chairman, SumaRSE (Panamá)

Luis Torres Mariscal

Chairman, Perú2021 (Perú)

Daniel Laino

Chairman, DERES (Uruguay)

Signatories of Finnish call to action

Leena Laitinen

CEO, Alko

Veli-Matti Mattila

CEO, Elisa

Jaakko Kangasniemi

CEO, Finnfund

Pekka Lundmark

CEO, fortum

Kati Levoranta

CEO, Rovio

Annika Bresky

CEO, Stora Enso

Mika Rautianen

CEO Tokmanni

Mikko Routti


Signatories of Ukrainian call to action

Trusha Martha Yaroslavivna

Director of Human Resources,
Auchan Retail Ukraine

Pierre Kohadon

CEO, Syngenta Ukraine

Viktor Ivanchyk

Founder and CEO, Astarta

Summary of signatories


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