Dignity by Design – Human Rights and the Built Environment Lifecycle

Who’s behind it? – Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) (2019)


How can it help? – The report by IHRB is a call to action to advance dignity and human rights throughout the built environment lifecycle: from land acquisition, planning and financing, through design, construction, management and use, to demolition and re-development. The report sets out the issues involved. These include forced evictions and the growing affordability crises facing many cities, the treatment of migrant workers through construction supply chains, and the way in which architects’ decisions can either advance or undermine inclusion. It also highlights the many steps that are already underway to advance human rights in the built environment.

The report also presents a set of draft “Dignity by Design Principles” for further consultation and implementation, and recommendations to the governmental and private sector actors involved throughout the lifecycle.


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