Handling and resolving local-level concerns and grievances

Who’s behind it? – International Council on Mining & Minerals (ICMM) (2019)


How can it help? – This guide shows how companies can develop  mechanisms that give local communities a way to raise grievances. It integrates the eight UNGPs effectiveness criteria and leading good practice to set out how mining and metals companies can handle and resolve local community grievances effectively. This guidance also discusses the internal aspects of grievance management, based on lessons learned from ICMM members and other organisations. Finally, the guidance includes a list of additional resources about operational-level grievance mechanisms, a checklist for reviewing existing mechanisms against the UNGPs effectiveness criteria, and some suggested considerations for adapting grievance mechanisms for different phases of the mining lifecycle.

This guidance presents an updated version of ICMM’s 2009 Human Rights in the Mining and Metals Industry – Handling and Resolving Local Level Concerns and Grievances guide.


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