Living incomes in global supply chains: a toolkit for companies

Who’s behind it? – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and The Living Income Community of Practice (2020)


How can it help? – On 60 pages, this toolkit answers any questions companies may have concerning living income: How much money do Ghanaian smallholders need for a dignified life? What can be done to support them? And what’s in it for the company?

Detailed step-by-step guides cover every stage of a living income project, from first conceptionalisation to results monitoring. In addition, the toolkit provides an explanation of the three main rationales for companies to address the challenge of a living income. This helps practitioners adapt their explanation to the culture and needs of different departments and companies across the agricultural value chain. By using the guide, companies will be able to integrate living incomes into their sourcing practices and sustainability programmes.


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