Implementing effective modern slavery grievance mechanisms

Who’s behind it? – UN Global Compact Network Australia (2021)


How can it help? – This Guidance Note (the guide) aims to provide practical advice to support businesses at all stages of designing and implementing effective business-led grievance mechanisms to hear and address complaints about modern slavery in their operations and their supply chains. The guide may be particularly useful for businesses reporting either voluntarily or compulsorily under Australia’s Modern
Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (Australian Act), as well as businesses implementing key voluntary standards. The guide focuses on grievance mechanisms that identify and remediate modern slavery-related complaints. However, it can also be used in establishing grievance mechanisms to hear and address complaints about broader human rights harm.
The guide is written for practitioners working in risk, compliance, procurement, sustainability and human rights within Australian and international businesses. It may also be of use to organisations and individuals interested in grievance mechanisms and modern slavery.


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